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Being Happy In Your Personal Space

Being happy in your personal space means being happy in your personal life, business life and relationships. Being happy makes it easier to achieve our goals. It’s a well-known fact that when we are in tune with ourselves, we navigate toward balance and fulfillment in our lives with greater ease and more success. Entrepreneurial and… Read more »

Life Coach: Business & Love Lessons From The Snake

“Don’t be scared to shed your skin. Be versatile and slither through life.” What has the Snake taught you about business and love? I’m not talking about just any snake. I’m talking about 2013 and the Year of the Snake. This special Snake is nature’s guide. Let the Snake take you through the final few… Read more »

To Succeed In Business & Love… Get A Cat?

Sure, kittens are cute. BUT did you know they can also help you to succeed in Business & Love? If you want to feel comfortable, buy a recliner. There are lots of funky designs out there and I’m sure you’ll find one that fits you perfectly. Then, as you enjoy the view of your ceiling… Read more »