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The Year Of The Horse: Gallop Toward Your Destiny

“Sprint toward your goals and expectations with unbridled freedom.” On January 31 we begin the Year of the Horse, the Chinese symbol for 2014. Last year, I encouraged you to learn all the business and love lessons from the Snake so that you could sprint toward the Year of the Horse. Now, that was a… Read more »

3 Tips for Business Success Against All Odds

Business Success Learn how to experience authentic happiness and empower yourself even during recessionary times.   When I am business coaching my clients, I wish I had a list of success secrets we could all refer to. I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs of all ages, and the recession has hit us all hard. We… Read more »

A Midsummer Dream: Maximize Results

Maximize Results Here we are approaching midsummer, still with the dream that the recession is receding and the economy improving. I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs of all ages, and together with my clients I have stared into the demon face of recession. While we are all doing our best to get out of… Read more »

Be Successful by Taking Time Off to Recharge

Be Successful With the recession still in bloom, we have all had to make cuts and recreate our business. We have had to rebrand, realign and reinvent. Most importantly, we have had to adapt to some new definitions of the word “successful.” More than even in this recessionary times, we do not connect being successful… Read more »