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Hey Ladies, Is Being Ambitious Working for You?

Being Ambitious Today’s millennial women entrepreneurs know a thing or two about being ambitious while maintaining balance.   Being ambitious is about wanting — really wanting! — to succeed. I take ambition for granted. That’s because I’m surrounded by women entrepreneurs, and after all, ambition is the key requirement for going into business for yourself…. Read more »

Being Happy In Your Personal Space

Being happy in your personal space means being happy in your personal life, business life and relationships. Being happy makes it easier to achieve our goals. It’s a well-known fact that when we are in tune with ourselves, we navigate toward balance and fulfillment in our lives with greater ease and more success. Entrepreneurial and… Read more »

Tired of being tired?

Tired of being tired Says Julia Hidy “Most people are tired these days. What’s worse is that they’re tired of being tired. If anywhere from 40% to 80% of us are saying we are always tired, depending on the study, it’s time to change what we’re doing – big time.” Yes, she couldn’t have said… Read more »